As the No.1 distributor of airline tickets in Canada who has built a solid partnership with
    the world’s biggest airline alliances, Tour East Group is able to offer exclusive
    “Private Airfares” to Travel Agents in the United States and Canada.

    Over the past 40 years, Tour East has become Canada’s largest Airline Ticket
    Wholesaler/ Consolidator because of the relationships we have built with more than
    81 of the world’s most prominent airlines.Thanks to the strong buying power we have
    with airline leaders like Air Canada, Delta, Cathay Pacific, Air China, United and
    many others, Tour East is able to offer our “Private Airfares” that offer extra discounts
    and fare flexibility. Tour East has the authority to distribute these “Private Airfares”
    only to our registered travel agency partners, who in turn can offer them to the general public.

    The “Private Airfares” offered through the Tour East Air Consolidator channel are often
    lower than the published airfares, which means our travel agency partners are
    able to pass along those savings to their valued customers.
    When you think airfares, think Tour East Group.